MIL-TEC Sturm Shall - Shemagh Scarf Khaki/Black

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    Shemagh or keffiyeh is a traditional Arab scarf.

    Made from double sided lightweight woven cotton fabric. Under the conditions of the Middle East by day provides protection from the scorching sun in the night from cold, additionally also used to cover the head during sandstorms. In European conditions serving as a great scarf.

    - Dimensions: 110 x 110 cm
    - Ingredients: 100% cotton
    - Color: Black, White
    - Producer: Mil-Tec

  • Atributet
    Color: E Kaftë/E Zezë
    Model: Shemagh Scarf
    Type/Style: Casual/Covert, Field/On Duty, Camping/Trekking
    Climate: Dry, Humid, Temperate
    Subcategory: Scarves